Bea Benedicto

Name: Bea Benedicto

Age: 21

School: Ateneo de Manila University (fresh graduate) 


 1.) Describe yourself. 

I’m a simple girl, really. Easy to understand, and easy to get along with. My interests vary from science and philosopy to design and photography. Nevertheless, fashion has always been my passion. I grew up loving to play dress up, and even until now, it’s still my favorite activity. :) 

2.) Define your fashion style.

 I find it difficult to categorize my fashion style into something specific. Some days I’d opt for things that are frilly and pink, and then others I’d be in the mood for fishnets and black. I like to try out all sorts of different styles, but always restrict myself to things that are unique, comfortable, and affordable. 

3.) Who are your inspirations? 

I absolutely adore Rachel Zoe. Her style is just too big and fabulous. Besides her, though, I’d say the Olsen twins and Nicole Richie inspire me. 

4.) Where do you usually shop your clothes? 

I don’t like to spend too much, so you’d typically see me shopping at department stores orukay-ukays. I rarely splurge but when I do, it’s usually for really cool shoes. CMG, The Ramp, and Janilyn, then, definitely become my go-to places. 

5.) Recommend other fashion blog. 

My boyfriend’s fashion blog: 

6.) Message to your followers/readers. 

I know I’m kind of new in the fashion scene, but I am very touched that some people are actually taking notice of my posts in tumblr in lookbook! Thank you so much, everyone! All of you really make my days better, and I hope to hear more from you soon. :)   

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