Seph & Shai

Name: Seph & Shai

Age: Twentysomething

School: Mapua Institute of Technology (Seph) and Ateneo de Manila University (Shai)


1.) Describe yourself.

We’re a couple who shares a lot of things in common, among others a passion for fashion and photography. Seph is a model and photography enthusiast. Shai is a writer, stylist and producer. We both design streetwear and will soon be launching a brand of his-and-hers clothing called Chemistry.

2.) Define your fashion style.

Love Chic—which is how we got our name. You know how when you’re a stylish geek, you describe it geek chic? Our style is always different everyday, from dainty and classic to edgy and street, but the common theme in all of our outfits is that they kind of match or complement each other.

3.) Who are your inspirations?

Artists, designers, photographers and fashionable people on the streets who don’t blend in or subscribe to in-your-face trends.

4.) Where do you usually shop your clothes?
We go to department stores, tianggesukay-ukays and sometimes, high-street brands. But we want our readers to be able to see that you don’t need to spend much to look stylish, so we avoid unnecessarily expensive stuff.

5.) Recommend other fashion blog.
David Guison
 because there aren’t a lot of awesome guy fashion blogs around.

6.) Message to your followers/readers.

Thank you for supporting Love Chic! We’re glad for each and every one of you, and are always looking for ways to give back. Don’t hesitate to email us for advice on fashion, beauty, grooming or relationships. Also, keep checking back for contests and giveaways, just for you guys :)

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