Name: Khai Nunag

Age: 20 y/o

School: AUF (Pampanga)

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1.) Describe yourself. 

  The prime thing I love about myself is my being goal-oriented. I like having accomplishments. They give me some sort of fulfillment. I don’t live for one reason alone, and I don’t get contentment with the plain. I set a lot of goals and I chase after them. My world runs through fashion, photography, singing and art.

2.) Define your fashion style.

  Youthful, quirky and playful. At certain times I like dressing up in a subtle and very girly way- popping colors and catchy prints. Sometimes, I prefer dressing myself up in layers and experimenting with accessories. It really depends on my mood. I believe that it is but natural to dress differently everyday,  it’s the only way to test what looks good or not on you. The only thing distinct about me is that I seldom go out without wearing anything black on me, it’s my signature color.

3.) Who are your inspirations?

 Ashlee SimpsonAshley TisdaleHilary DuffBrigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. They have their own unique styles in dressing up- sophisticated, modern, rocker chick, 60’s vintage and high-fashion, respectively.

4.) Where do you usually shop your clothes?

  I usually shop at local stores. Tomato, Y.R.Y.S, Jellybean and there’s this Asian store called Kirin Kirin. They have a lot of cheap but stylish finds. For international brands, I patronize Mango and Topshop. However, there’s this secret place I don’t want to keep mum about: SM Department Store. Lots of cool stuff!

5.) Recommend blog, astleast 5.

6.) Message to your followers/readers

  You’ll never know how much you make me happy with the awesome words of appreciationyou send me… and just by merely following me? That’s a thing!:-)

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