Katrina Catacutan

Name: Katrina Catacutan

Age: 23

School: CEU

URL: http://katcatacutan.tumblr.com/

1.) Describe yourself.

An ordinary girl who loves fashion, shopping, blogging and photography as much as I love my family and friends.

2.) Define your fashion style.

My style is bipolar. It changes from what mood I’m really in, the weather or whats my current inspiration is. I express my feelings through dressing.

3.) Who are your inspirations?

My style inspirations are The Olsen Twins„ Nicole Richie,Lauren Conrad & Cory Kennedy

4.) Where do you usually shop your clothes?

I shop everywhere! But usually theres F21, Zara, Topshop and The Ramp5.)

5.) Recommend blog/s.






6.) Message to your followers/readers.

To my followers, you guys are loved! Thank you so much, I appreciate everything you put on my TA, (tumblr ask) y’all inspire me the most!¬†

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